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The Way to Waterproof Your UGG Boots In Five Easy Steps

In order to achieve this task you must purchase waterproof protectant. This is outlined in step 1 of this guide. Once you have accomplished these steps, your UGGs will be more water resistant, and you will be less stressed when wearing them in inclement weather.

Here is how to waterproof your UGG boots simply by following 5 easy steps:

Step 1. When selecting your waterproofing protectant, make sure its suitable for suede or soft leather. This step is crucial, because if you purchase the wrong protectant, you could end up damaging your precious boots. This is an important point and should be taken quite seriously due to the fact you can cause harm to your boots..

Step 2. This step requires that you have an open ventilated environment. Outside in the backyard or in the garage with the door open are ideal locations. Make sure the environment is also dry. Any excess moisture will compromise this project, and prevent the coating from adhering properly.

Once you are in an open, ventilated environment, spray on your boot protector to clean, dry boots. Be sure to hold the can 7 to 10 inches away from your boots, and apply a light but even coat. Make sure you cover all surfaces of your boot.

Step 3. To ensure proper adherence, spray on a second coat of protectant. The second coat should be applied approximately 4 hours after the first coat. This is necessary to ensure that the protectant covers the entire boot properly. The second coat also reinforces the strength of the first coat, leading to an overall increase in water protection.

Step 4. After you apply the second coat, allow the boots to dry for about 24 hours. Make sure they continue to be in a dry and well ventilated environment, as explained in step 2. This makes sure that the waterproof protection interfaces with the boots properly. A completely dry coating also ensures that any moisture around the surface of the boot has evaporated.

Step 5. Now that you have successfully waterproofed your boots, enjoy wearing your UGG Boots! The waterproof coating should last for a few months. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your waterproof protectant to determine the approximate life span of the coating.

I believe that it is important to waterproof the boots at the beginning of winter. This way you will be ready for any snowfall or rain that comes with the season.

I appreciate you reading this guides, and if you have any questions or comments follow the Cheap UGG Boots link listed below.