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The Timeless Appeal Of Birkenstock Sustains Itself

The urge or craze to buy branded stuff is inherent within all of us and given the resources at our command, we would love to splurge on the best branded stuff that is available for dresses, shoes, perfumes and so on. Unfortunately, since wishes are not horses for us to ride on them, we have to make do with the occasional discount or sales offers that come by. This is one opportunity where companies often tend to dispose off stuff they feel are no longer current or just wish to clear off inventory. If you are one of those who have been waiting for such offers to get your pair of the famous Birkenstock brand of sandals, then our recommendation is that you need to also look for other options and not rely only on clearance sales to get your pair at an affordable price.

Birkenstock indeed is a brand that has not followed other top brands in the footwear segment in concentrating mainly on shoes. Instead, its sandals and clogs have been the most best selling of its products and even now the brand with its patented soft footbed technology has a great following among those preferring sandals over shoes. Though the beginnings of the brand started with the design of a shoe that was shaped differently to the ones existing in the market place way back in 1897, the architect of the brand Konrad Birkenstock thought it wise to stop making shoes and instead concentrated on making special inserts that would go into the shoes and this continued successfully into the 1960s.

His grandson however had other plans and designed sandals that changed the entire thinking and direction of the company. These sandals became very popular amongst women and the company was soon spreading its outlets within Europe as well as looking for somebody to launch the brand in the US. This is when a lady Margot Fraser bought the distribution rights and started manufacturing these sandals in the US itself. The lady was also smart enough to diversify her risk by allowing other companies who could incorporate the patented technology into the sandals and also adhere to the high manufacturing standards of the brand to make these products under a licensing arrangement with her. Consequently, many companies like New-walk, Betula, Footprint, to name a few were now making these sandals and promoting the Birkenstock brand through their products.

Birkenstock sandals and clogs in addition to having the unique softbed advantage benefit from the light weight special cork sole. High quality leather uppers make for a very comfortable fit and during winter months, people have found the clogs to be of great use in providing them great warmth and cosiness to their feet. The clogs in particular have been in great demand within the medical fraternity due to the fact that they can be washed with hot water. The clogs developed for the factory floor or for building sites too are equally popular due to their tough soles and non slip attributes.