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A Perfume for Every Occasion

While most of the women prefer to stick to just one perfume, there are some who love experimenting with fragrances. These women change their perfumes according to their mood and are generally seen browsing online stores for the latest and unique fragrances. It is good to experiment and discover what's new is happening in the market but at times you may end up choosing a wrong product. Or you may get so confused that an amazing fragrance goes unnoticed while shopping. Well, it is not that we are asking you to stop experimenting with perfumes. All you need to do is shop smartly. And to assist you in the task of shopping for perfumes, here below we have listed the major categories of fragrances. After reading about these categories of cologne, it would be easier for you to decide which fragrance should be worn on what occasion.


Perfumes under this category smell somewhat similar to citrus fruits and are perfect to begin your day with. After wearing citrus fragrances, you would feel energetic and lively too. So, whenever you are feeling out of energy, simply spray on this cologne and leave all your worries aside. Some of the brands in which you can find citrus fragrances include Burberry, Calvin Klein, Gap, and Dolce and Gabbana perfumes.


As the name suggests, the perfumes falling into this category smell very similar to flowers. These fragrances are sweet, fresh and mild and are generally liked by young girls. If you are going out on a lunch with your friends, floral fragrance is what you should put. The options in this particular category are many and we would suggest you to visit an online perfume store and hunt for some marvelous cologne.


Planning to visit a nightclub? Want everyone to look just at you? If yes, wear your most sensual outfit and perfume too. Now, how do you define sensual cologne? Well, it is the one that smells a little strong and lasts throughout the night. In fact, such fragrances are meant for those girls only who are bold enough to carry it. So, if you think you have the right attitude to wear oriental, go ahead. Brands like Ralph and Lauren, and Estee Lauder are launching scents for today's bold woman and you must have one of them in your wardrobe too.

From now on, whenever you plan to buy perfumes don't forget these major categories. Categorizing perfumes would immensely help in locating the best fragrance for every occasion.